Pastoral Care Team

Our mission:

  • The mission of the Pastoral Care Team is to nurture the sense of belonging to and participation in a caring community.
  • We support members and friends of the Church who are going through milestone life events. For example, births, adoptions, deaths, and illness.
  • We provide services or organize activities to let friends and members know that they are valued members of our community.

Types of pastoral care services:

Working closely with our minister, the Pastoral Care Team will provide the following services to members as necessary:

  • Providing meals, rides to hospitals or doctors, or other services on an emergency and temporary basis due to illness, death, births or other major life events;
  • Organizing or facilitating events designed to nurture our community spirit and to bring our community together;
  • Strive to become a source of referral to community sources of support.


As members of the FUUNO Pastoral Care Team, we understand it is important that the person seeking help from us has confidence that what is said will not be indiscriminately spread to others. Therefore, each member of the team is required to sign a Covenant of Confidentiality. Click here to read the covenant (pdf).

Contacting Us:

Click here to contact the Pastoral Care Team.